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 The Heroes...My Working Partners

Richard Genthner Harold Dawson Chris Harrington Steve Harrington
Brad McAllister Noel Arrington Matthew Eldridge Rob Cornell
Bill the Plumber Walsh Jack Cheney A'lai Tuinaeu Will Kemp

Richard Genthner...In Memoriam

Although I have had MANY great project partners, helping me do the work here and bring this dream to fruition, and I will include them all here over time....NONE has been more loyal and steadfast than Richard Genthner, my handyman,  my 'hero', my friend....for 6 1/2 years.
SO here is a collection of pictures of Richard, to start off this "Heroes" page. We honor you Richard, we miss you, we love you!

The first day my "magic men" worked on site together. Older brother, Harold, brought little brother, Richard, to work at the Bold Colorful Life.

The day that Harold and Richard took down the crumbling old brick chimney

Richard used his many years' experience with Renys' orchard to teach me how to prune my lovely apple trees...

Richard loved to kid around with the other he is in a fur that Ron brought


And here he is teaching me to use the powerwasher.

And here he is in his 'other' job, lobstering! his 'other' home...Round Pond!

There are more to come...please check back for our updated Memoriam to Richard Genthner...May he rest in peace and joy.

Harold Dawson, my 'magic man' who took down the 'back house' or 'ell' that connected the original Cape to the original barn.
February 20, 2009

Dear Chris,

I want you to know what a difference having you as the manager of my project here in Boothbay has made. As you know, I've worked with two other GCs on this project, over the past two years. Having found you, it's a little like the story of the Three Bears. The first two didn't fit at all; the third is JUST RIGHT.

Your attention to detail, your integrity in communication, your 'can do' attitude and the commitment to reach resolution, no matter what the challenge, has been unbeatable. Your collaborative leadership with subcontractors makes their work more efficient and pleasant and makes a huge difference for me!

Your technological know-how--use of email and cell phone and digital camera-- has allowed me to feel that I've been part of the process, even when I'm 5 hours away. And the fact that you send me pictures of progress, regularly, is amazing!

Perhaps most of all, you inspire your crew to do quality work, in a timely fashion, keeping within the budget and resulting in an excellent outcome. You inspire trust in client and workman alike.

I am SO grateful to you for bringing your knowledge and expertise to complete the building of my Inn and Retreat Center. Should you want to show any prospective client the property, please feel free to bring them around!

Warmest of wishes, Melissa Thornton
Owner and Innkeeper 
Bold Colorful Life Inn and Retreat Center
Boothbay, Maine


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