The Maine Adventure

The Property
The Site...  Landscaping... Outside Design... The Natural Environment...
Gentle Demolition...  Moving the Barn...  Moving the Cape...  Reconnecting the Cape...  The Cape Renovation... Becoming a B&B...
The Farmhouse
Prepping for the Farmhouse...Modular Farmhouse & Stick-built Garage...Farmhouse Interior...
The Homer Jones Barn
The original Homer Jones Barn...The new HJ Barn...Homer Barn Interior...Owner's Quarters

The Heroes-My Working Partners...  The Gallery... The Retreats... The Destination Weddings


  Project 13a: Preparing the New Building....  Project 13b: The New Building-The Farmhouse....  Project 13c: The New Building-The Barn

Project 13b: The New Building-Finishing the Farmhouse

Siding...   Kitchen...  Dining Room Table... Painting...   Fixing and Repairing...   Heating...   Plumbing...
Finally, we were ready for the siding on the farmhouse...traditional white clapboards.



The Interior of the Farmhouse progressed while we waited for the modular GC to get the heating/plumbing men there....and waited....and waited....and waited......

The Farmhouse Kitchen
The farmhouse came with a hole in the kitchen wall.

The kitchen 'bumpout' was added to replace the hole..a good start towards weatherproofing.
The bumpout was sheetrocked and primed.

Then the kitchen cabinets arrived and were installed on 4" bases, so that I will finally have countertops at MY height!

The views from the kitchen counter are gorgeous.

Don and Will, from Colby and Gale, hook up the gas kitchen stove.

Time to position the island, now that the stove is in place.

And Chris and Brad hold up the possible hood and granite backsplash.

Then we placed the barn door that was planned to become the counter on top of the island to start planning the right shape...

...but too much of it would have to be cut, so I chose some barnboards to take its place...notice the kitchen is now painted to match the chandeliers I fell in love with months's all coming together...
And Chris has cut and glued the granite tiles for the all we need to place is the backsplash and front counter trim.
Here's the front counter trim...Chris created a bullnose wood trim to match the cabinet and drawer style...then painted it white.

Steve placed the crown molding in the kitchen bumpout area.

The guys put the barnboards down in the kitchen--a great idea from Steve to use the grayboards for a trim and the brown boards for the center and I stained all the gray to keep its color...and then polyurethaned the full floor three times for durability.

The Farmhouse Dining Room--The Table












The staircases



The Marriage Walls
Remind me to tell you about the pros and cons of buying a modular home. Modulars are pretty terrific, as long as you get the right company to build you one. I definitely got the WRONG company to build this one. The list of screw-ups is pretty much endless, but this is a very obvious one. The marriage walls are supposed to be placed in line with one another, so that the whole building sits correctly, plumb. You can see here how mis-matched they are and what my guys needed to do to correct the opening to trim out the door. Let's not think about what the misalignment is doing to the building!~


Painting the Bedrooms
One of the challenges of painting bold colors is that they stand out, so their edges are obvious. They also take from two to five coats to cover and reach the desired shade. So here's the 5th coat of green for the Malachite Room on the first floor of the Farmhouse.

Here's the Tangerine Citrine room. ..a luscious citrus orange, to be offset with other citrus and navy.

Across the hall is the Amethyst room.

Down the hall is the Lapis Lazuli Room.
And across from that is the Maine standard: Watermelon Tourmaline.

The basement

The Heat

Finally, seven months after it was supposed to be finished, the heating/plumbing guys tied in the heating system and we could stop using the kerosene heaters that were keeping the basement floor from heaving.

The spacious buildings will definitely need some heat in these Maine winters!
The Plumbing

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