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Project 13c: The New Building-The Barn

And here are the Barn plans, designed specifically to match a barn that was designed and built in North Waldoboro over two hundred years ago by Homer Jones.

Buying the Homer Jones Barn

Another magical thing that's happened is that Harold was called to take down a 200+ year old barn about 30 miles from here, and he asked if I'd like to buy it. I said YES! It's got LOTS of gorgeous old wood, hand hewn beams that are 18+ feet long, a nifty hanging hay grabber and lots of other historical goodies.
Also, it will provide the basic materials for almost the whole barn part of the new building, in which I will reside!!!!

Taking the Homer Jones Barn down
Harold and Ron took every timber down with care, so that it could be reconstructed when it reached its new home

Moving the Homer Jones Barn to Boothbay

Then we stacked and power-washed the timbers and put them on platforms and away in the barn and in the new building.

Here are some of the planks laid out on the Great Room floor.
And here the timbers are moved to protection under the back porch of the farmhouse until they can can be installed in the Great Room.

And here are the Homer barn doors, two of which will be attached to the front of the new Homer Barn; one of which will be made into the 12 foot dining room table, and one of which will be installed as the countertop on the island.

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