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Project 11: Re-Connecting the Cape

Electric * Phone * Cable TV * Internet  *  Water  *  Plumbing  *  Septic  *  Heat  *  Structure  

Then it was time to get this lovely house back into commission. There were lots of calls to make and after that preparation and with some hard work on the part of the utility companies, and inspired work by my electrician, the turn-around time of getting the electric, phone and cable hooked up on May 16th was almost magical. 

But there was no running water or flushing without a well and a septic system. (!)

Water  Larry Oakes of Ace Well Drilling, who lives 3 houses down the Back River road, was kind enough to fit me into his already tight schedule and his very capable sons drilled the well on May 23rd.

The story was not the same for the septic or the furnace. But here's the story of the new well.

I was awfully lucky here too, as wells are charged by the drilled foot and the men hit good water (15 gallons per minute--more than the pump can handle) at 120 feet.  My other well is 310 feet deep, just 165 feet away. Phew!

Peter and Jason Oakes were friendly, professional and efficient. When the well was done and the water temporarily hooked up, off they went--my heroes of the day.

 Plumbing  And soon my plumber arrived and, with his partner, hooked everything back up in the new site. And I was able to wash dishes and take a cold shower....a vast improvement over no water at all!

And a local fellow rented me a Porta-John until the septic could be installed...but the septic is another story.


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