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Project 8b: Moving the Barn

Once the barn was pulled out into the driveway, the men could turn it and adjust it more easily for pulling south towards the foundation.

Slowly, day after day, the men and machines gently pulled the barn towards its new home.

When branches got in the way, they moved them gently aside...and in this case, the lamp was saved. 

The barn needed to be jacked up even higher to miss the garden fence...and then turned slightly toward home. 

As the barn left the ridge, the view became spectacular.

And here's a summer view of that vista.

Clearly, the apple tree branches were threatening the skin of the barn. The men knew what an environmentalist and tree-lover I am, so I was called to prune the branches! And the barn slid slowly by.

The views became very confusing, as the barn moved past stationary trees and buildings.....something very odd about these pictures!

Finally, the barn hovered over its new foundation, ready to be let down. The building movers had done a great, efficient job to this point, but they had other clients and the barn stayed hovering for another four months!!

Late in April, they returned to lower the barn onto its new foundation and to backfill around the foundation with the dirt from the foundation hole.

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