The Maine Adventure
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   Project 1: Landscaping the Pond     Project 2: Clearing the View-way     
Project 3: Pruning the Apple Trees   Project 4: Moving the Rotten Elm  
Project 5: Clearing the Paddock  Project 6: Saving the Old Gardens
Project 6: Saving the Old Gardens
Beside the old foundation, the former gardens blossomed happily. But I knew that when the new foundation men arrived, they would be trampled, so in between other projects, we began to move the plants out to the temporary garden in the paddock. At the Y, I met a wonderful woman whose grand-nephew was visiting for part of the summer. Henry came and joined our crew for a few days, working hard and moving ferns and plants in the hot sun.
A few of the protected ladyslippers were threatened by the new driveway, so I moved them too.
And one of the MOST fun things about becoming a 'farm girl' is that there are BIG TOYS that go along with and productive toys that help keep 6.5 acres under control. Like a lawnmowing tractor to keep 5 acres of lawn clipped and lovely.

And Richard's son found me a 12 year old four-wheeler in great shape and the RIGHT color, and I've been using it to drag heavy things, transport me down to the walkway and the kayak in a hurry, and generally get around more efficiently. It came with a plow, so I'm ready for the snow!
And I bought my wonderful red dump truck from the firm who put in the septic systems. She's great when she's running, but that's only been about 60% of the time since she became mine. (We think we've got most of the kinks out!)
The dump truck is a great help, taking things TO the dump and picking up things FROM the dump!

Of course, I don't own the big toys, below, but it's fun to pretend!



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