Project 13a: Preparing the New Building....  Project 13b: The New Building-The Farmhouse....  Project 13c: The New Building-The Barn

Project 13c: The New Building-The Barn

Meanwhile, the panel builders were staying on site, in their enclave of tents.

With the very best views of the river.

And their own port-a-John!

Once the walls were up, it was time for the doors and windows to be installed...with the help of a 'lull' lifter. 

So let's look at the marriage of the two buildings...the plan...

and the reality...all the way around....

And the awesome back side of the house, with the walk-out basement
 in the Homer Barn.

Now that the rough structures were in place, it was time to move to the finishing steps.

Press here to continue the Maine Adventure---Finishing the New Barn that will hold the Homer Barn